Domestic and Professional EPI

Sibir absorption refrigerators have been refined over the years to cover various different applications and to meet with tough demands of a wide spectrum of users in most countries of the globe. In 1997, Sibir introduced the new and improved range of Domestic Refrigerators, a line of top-class products that have been extremely well received by clients all over the world.

Early 1998, Sibir introduced the new and improved generation of HealthCentre Refrigerators for vaccine storage, all based on the absorption technology and operating on gas/electricity, or kerosene/electricity. After thorough surveys among medical users and after years of development, Sibir launched the V170 series; an upgraded successor to the well-known V240 HealthCentre Refrigerator. Shortly thereafter the large V170 was followed by it’s little brother, the V110. For more product info, please study the Products Section of this website.